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FLIR PTZ-35x140 MS
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FLIR PTZ-35x140 MS

( FLIR )
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The PTZ-35x140 MS is especially developed for security applications. It is a powerful, multi-sensor, mid-range, thermal imaging system. It features two thermal imaging cameras and one daylight / low light camera. One thermal imager has a wide angle field-of-view and is ideal for situational awareness. The other with the narrow field-of-view is designed for mid-range target recognition. The PTZ-35x140 MS allows you to detect objects, the size of a human being, more than 2 km away, in total darkness, through smoke, light fog and in the most adverse weather conditions.
Detector type Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer 320 x 240 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 to 13µm
No.of Field of View: Two thermal imaging cameras with foveally merged video
Field of view camera 1 20° (H) x 15° (V) with 35 mm lens (NTSC)
20° (H) x 16° (V) with 35 mm lens (PAL)
Field of view camera 2 2 5° (H) x 3.75° (V) with 140 mm lens (NTSC)
5° (H) x 4.0° (V) with 140 mm lens (PAL)
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 1.1 mrad for 35 mm lens - 0.27 mrad for 140 mm lens
Thermal sensitivity 20 mK 65mK max
Image frequency 50 Hz (PAL), 60 Hz (NTSC) 7.5Hz (NTSC) or 8.3 Hz (PAL)*
Focus Automatic or Manual Automatic or Manual
Electronic zoom Foveal presentation: 20° to 2° HFOV
Image processing Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE), Histogram Equilazition
Built-in digital video Sony FCB EX-980S 26x High Telephoto Zoom Color Block Camera (NTSC)
Sony FCB EX-980SP 26x High Telephoto Zoom Color Block Camera (PAL)
Effective pixels Approx. 680,000 pixels (NTSC) - approx. 800,000 pixels (PAL)
Optical zoom 26x tied to thermal zoom
Electronic zoom up to 12x
Az Range; Az velocity 360° continuous, 120°/sec max.
El Range; El velocity +/-60°, 120°/sec max.
Slew Rate Speed tied to zoom.
Accuracy <0.125° (2 sigma)
Resolution <0.01°
Automatic Heater Clears ice from windows
Built-in Test (BIT) Intelligent self diagnostics tests vital functions
Programmable Search Programmable multiple preset scene locations with optional Software Developers Kit (SDK)
Video output NTSC thermal and visible - PAL thermal and visible
Connector types BNC (1) provides active sensor video output (merged thermal or visible) RJ45 for network connectivity provided on break-out cable
VOIP Streaming video via multicast MPEG4
Simultaneous WFOV IR, NFOV IR and daylight TV
Requirements 24 V DC
Consumption <50 W nominal at 25°C
Operating temperature range -32°C to +55°C
Storage temperature range -50°C to +85°C
Automatic window defrost Yes
Humidity Rain
Sand/dust Mil-Std-810E
Encapsulation IP X6
Shock Mil-Std-810E
Vibration Mil-Std-810E
Camera Weight 20.4 kg
Camera Size 38.1 cm diameter x 58.5 cm height - swept volume
Shipping weight (camera + packaging) 32 kg
Shipping size (camera + packaging) (L x W x H) 85 cm x 59 cm x 41 cm
TCP/IP Camera command and control
RS-422 PTZ-35x140 MS Joystick Control (PelcoD) via RS-422
STANDARD PACKAGE Pan/Tilt head with integrated thermal imagers and DLTV camera Break-out cable with standard mating connectors, Operator manual
The PTZ-35x140 MS comes with a break-out cable which splits up in separate parts: RS-422, Ethernet, Video out and power connectors. A 12 meters cable and a power supply are also optionally available.
A joystick to handle the PTZ-35x140 MS with Ethernet Control Console is optionally available.
*30 Hz NTSC or 25 Hz PAL available. Subject to approval of the US Department of Commerce for use outside the USA.



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